Weavers' Guild of Boston Sale

Event Calendar 2018

Carlisle Historical Society

The third Sunday of every month, Nancy or Peg will be weaving on the antique loom, explaining how a loom works, what is known about the origin of this loom and how the "loom team" got it working again. Learn about the kind of historic weaves that were done on it. If you have never woven on a loom, you can try a little and see what a labor of love it is. Or necessity in the days before so many manufactured goods.

The 3rd Sunday
of every month.


698 Concord Road
Carlisle, MA 01741



Weavers' Guild of Boston Annual Exhibit and Sale

This guild event is a weaving extravaganza! The picture at the top of this page shows the scene in the front room of the rustic Josiah Smith Barn from a few years ago. Now we are in a spacious, well lit showroom in Wellesley. Weavers are on hand to answer all weaving questions. The inventory ranges from household items to clothing, dolls dressed in handwoven finery, holiday cards and ornaments, and on and on. Read more about the Guild.

Dates: Oct TBD

Wellesley Village Church
2 Central Street
Wellesley, MA



If you would like an email or postcard notification of events, please email me: nancy@rosepath.com. I do occasional shows at libraries and the like as well as the very large guild sale.