Orders and Price List 2015

Contact Information

Nancy Kronenberg

Most inventory is sold through local events, but it doesn't hurt to contact me and ask what might be on hand - especially throws.  I also welcome commission pieces. 

Online Orders from Stock

Coming eventually: using Paypal billing.

Commission Orders

These are always welcome.  We can work out colors, weave, etc., via visit(s) or email.  Below are some ideas of prices. More than 2 hours design work will be charged in addition to the piece.

General Prices

Prices are subject to change without notice.  Email or call to ask for anything you don't find here.


These range from $150 for a 48"x72" light weight wool throw to $450 for a large, thickly cozy 48"x72" farm alpaca throw.


Runners in linen or cottolin, 10-12" wide, 2 colors:  36" long $40 +$8 per foot.
Runners in linen or cottolin, 13"-15" wide, 2 colors:  36" long $50 +$10 per foot.
Runners in doubleweave cottolin, 5 colors: above prices x 2.
Placemats in linen or cottolin: ~14.5"x16.5", $18 each, min order four.
Placemats, warp faced cotton: 4 colors:  $22 each, min order four.
Tea towels, undyed yarn, Swedish lace or Ms & Os: ~17.5"x26", $30.
Tea towels, fine dyed yarn, twill blocks: ~17.5"x26". $40.
Historic weave towels, undyed yarn, blue trim stripes:  ~17.5"x28", $40.
Note: no large quantities, i.e., more than 12 placemats, or 4 towels.


Lead Time

Allow 6 weeks for any item woven for you.  Card & picture available to cover the delay if desired.  Gift certificates available.

Commission Payment

30% when order placed, balance when ready to ship.  Sorry, no credit cards at the moment.


In continental US, 10% shipping and handling.

MA Sales Tax

6.25% on orders received within the state.


Repeat customers receive a 15% discount starting with third order and previous total of at least $500. Thank you!

The "yarn stash" is overflowing! Discounts available on items using certain yarns, or you can purchase the yarns themselves For instance, I have blues, turquoise and kelly green in Montera (wool and llama.) This yarn is good for knitting as well as weaving weft. Call to discuss.