"Campfires" Decorative Rug Closeup

Hand Woven Wall Hangings

Decorative Rugs

In 1991, I took a workshop with James Koehler, an extremely talented - and soon to be internationaly famous - tapestry artist.  When I visited him, he was doing large tapestries based on Navajo Chief Blankets.  These blankets passed through several phases, beginning with simple black and white horizontal stripes and progressing to elaborate patterns separated by black and white stripes.  James was doing these with his own style of elaborate patterns, including one that had Shaker quilt motifs!   Throughout the 1990's, I did not want to do any weaving other than tapestry based on my own variations of Navajo Chief Blankets!


Arrowheads decorative rug




Campfires decorative rug


Other Wall Hangings

Linen and wool overshot


Any cloth can be a wall hanging. The small hanging at left is linen and wool overshot, woven on leftover warp from the overshot hanging on Custom Weaving.

A commission I wove for a reconciliation screen in a chapel was drawn from a linen Ms & Os towel - but scaled up to 30" x 60".  (Alas, its all-over neutral colors and large size are hard to photograph.)

Finally, to exhibit runners at shows, I leave open ends in the hems so they can be hung vertically on a stick.