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A Handweaver's Craft

Rosepath Weaving creates hand woven textiles for the home and public spaces that are a pleasure to see, touch and use.   Products are available to purchase or simply view at various Boston area events.  Everything is woven, start to finish, by the single weaver who employs time honored techniques, and uses a computer only for design.

Threading the Loom
Threading the Loom
First Cloth, June 24, 2017
First Cloth on Antique Loom, June 24, 2017
Nancy at the loom
Weaving a WideThrow

Weaving was my hobby for over thirty years while I was a computer software engineer. In 2001 I left technology to weave full time. I'm largely a self-taught weaver. All kinds of weaves in natural fibers interest me.  I've been inspired by workshops at Marshfield School of Weaving to study and weave historic textiles.

I'm active in the Weavers' Guild of Boston, where I have earned the guild Journeyman Weaver rating.  I'm a member of Complex Weavers' Early Weaving Books And Manuscripts study group. Also, I volunteer to help with fiber equipment projects, such as the antique loom above, at the Carlisle Historical Society in Carlisle, MA